​7 Mistakes to Avoid When Listing Your Business Information on Google

GMB, Google Business Profile, Google My Business

For starters, "Google My Business" (GMB) has been renamed and is now known as "Google Business Profile".  Google has said that their reasoning for the new name is to “keep things simple”.  Sometime in 2022, Google will retire the Google My Business app completely. Google wants businesses to manage their single listings directly on Google Search or on Google Maps, either via the web interface or mobile apps.

What follows are a series of tips concerning mistakes businesses have made in the management of their (formerly) GMB listing.  So why keep of a list of tips published for an antiquated product?  Well, glad you asked! The newly named Google Business Profile has gone through many iterations and no doubt, will go through several more in the future as the web and technology evolve.  

Google Business Profile has historically been know as:

  • Google My Business (GMB)
  • Google Places
  • Google+ Places
  • Google Local

The following list is in fact, a list of 7 Google My Business mistakes to avoid, but the content is still a relevant guide to managing your business profile on Google. Navigation for editing - or updating - your content on the new Google Business Profile will be different than on the older GMB innerface but these 7 mistakes are still best practices to consider.  These 7 mistakes are simply a checklist of tips that you can cross reference while looking to optimize your business information on Google.  

Finally, anytime that you read "Google My Business" or "GMB", understand that the new platform is now know as Google Business Profile. These 7 mistakes were originally writen as guidance for the GMB format specifically and therefore, some of the information may not apply any longer - but the concepts still have relevance and worth considering for the new platform.

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7 Mistakes to Avoid When Listing Your

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