May 6


Branded Web Presence

By DigitalFYI Staff

May 6, 2020

advertising, branding, marketing, web presence

The difference between your branded web presence and your digital web presence is context. Any information that refers to your business is a form of content. Your company address and contact details are a form of content. A video, a webinar or a downloadable e-book describing in detail the problems consumers face and solutions that your business provides to these problems are also forms of content.

Your digital web presence refers to the many places on the web where you post content about your business. A LinkedIn Company Page and a Google My Business profile are two different examples of places on the web where you can post content about your company. Together they are both parts of your overall digital web presence and places where you can be found.

Imagine that these separate, digital footprints are like company billboards near highways and busy intersections in your business service area. Would you rather have one billboard or many? And where would you want these billboards located? The correct answer is…”anywhere and everywhere my customers and prospects can find them”.

Your digital web presence is what you create when you bring these billboards online. For example, your company website, LinkedIn, Google, Bing, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube and so on, are places on the web where you can post your brand message - just like placing your company billboard at the side of a highway.  Strategically, you'll also want to decide if its a good idea to market your brand on any website.  For example, does marketing your brand on TikTok make sense.

Together, these individual web properties connect to each other and to the rest of the world wide web somewhat like a sphere. You have no way of knowing – or controlling – how or where your customer is going to enter your sphere of influence. Are they using their iPad? Did they find you on YouTube? Where do they go next?

Branding is about the actual message that goes on these billboards. Your brand on the web is the execution of your marketing strategy and the expression of your unique selling proposition. It is the reason why a consumer should trust you and want to do business with you. It is about your company reputation online.

Is your content up-to-date and accurate everywhere you can be found? Is the messaging and look of your information consistent or is there a disconnect in content from site to site? How do you respond to questions and comments from interested consumers or to negative reviews from dissatisfied customers and disgruntled past employees?

Your brand may be the only distinguishing characteristic that will allow you to stand out in the eyes of a consumer from a crowded sea of competitor sameness. And a well managed brand is an asset to your business. It has value unto itself that we call brand equity. This value is the marketing and financial worth of your brand’s strength in the market.

The major elements that make up your brand equity are;

brand name awareness
brand loyalty
perceived brand quality
brand associations

Your branded web presence gives context to your online marketing mix and it includes how you use the disparate places on the web to build and foster brand equity. It is about what you say and how you say it giving context to your marketing message. Digital web presence is about where you say it.