Duplicate Listings – Mistake #2

GMB, Google Business Profile, Google My Business

Duplicate listings affect visibility. Google filters spammy-looking GMB listings out of local searches. So, make sure you don’t have duplicate listings.

Adding a GMB location that has already been verified can affect your rankings. If you share the same physical address with your competitors, you may get filtered out and fail to appear on search engine results pages while your competitor remains visible.

The best way to solve this issue is to build credibility, become an authoritative figure in your industry, stand out from the competition, and convince Google your business is better than the competition.

However, if the duplicate listings are yours, they are easy to handle. Simply remove the duplicate or incorrect listing by signing in to your GMB account and go to ‘Manage locations.’ Select the location or locations you want to remove. Click on ‘Actions’ then ‘Remove location.’ That’s it. You’ve successfully removed the duplicate listing.

Another method is to log in to your GMB account and click on ‘Account summary.’ Go to ‘Duplicate locations’, select the location you want to remove and click ‘delete this listing.’ Choose ‘Remove’ on the three-dotted menu if you want to remove multiple locations.

It is important to note that once you remove a location, it can’t be recovered. So, make sure you only remove the ones you want to remove.

If you want to report a duplicate location on Google Maps, go to Google Maps on your laptop. Select the location you want to report and click on ‘Suggest an edit.’ Go to ‘Close or remove’, click on ‘Duplicate of another place’, select the right location, and click ‘submit.’