Failing to Optimize Your Business Description – Mistake #5

GMB, Google Business Profile, Google My Business

Your description is important because it helps prospects get a clear picture of what your business does.

One mistake that most brands make is failing to use persuasive language or use meta descriptions when stating what their businesses do. You don’t want to make the same mistake.

Your GMB business description makes it easy for prospects to understand what you do and is key to getting the attention you want. So, make the most of it.

Add all the services you offer so you can help customers determine whether or not you can help them. Identify popular keywords within your niche and incorporate them into your strategy. Add at least 3 high-ranking keywords that your target audience usually types in searches when looking for services or products similar to yours.

Google only displays the first 250 words on your description so, make it count. Use persuasive language to attract attention, get users to click on your links, and turn visitors into customers.

Talk about the value that you bring to customers’ lives to get their attention. Identify customer needs and state how your business solves certain problems or challenges. Use your description to show prospects that you have the answer to their problems.

When people see that you offer value, you can solve some of their common problems, and your product or service helps make their lives easier, they will willingly engage in business with you.

Businesses are always competing and fighting for attention. So, make sure yours stands out. Highlight a few things that set you apart from the competition and convince prospects to choose you over your competitors.

Convince potential customers to engage in business with you and pick your offer over the competition. Use persuasive language to get them to take the desired action.

Keep your page well-structured and appealing to attract attention.

One common mistake that most brands make is not using enough photos on their pages. People prefer and interact best with visuals. So, use that to your advantage.

Photos add a professional touch to your account and help you present your business effectively. Add high-quality images to your page. Use images that make it easy for people to recognize what you do without reading any text. For example, if you own a clothing store, add pictures of clothes. If you own a restaurant, add pictures of your best recipes and new ones.

Add a picture of your storefront or offices to make it easy for prospects to identify you.

Upload employee images to help customers relate to your business easily. You can add an image of all your employees wearing branded t-shirts or photos of your staff working on a certain product you’ve recently launched, and so on.

Another thing that gets people’s attention is sharing behind-the-scenes images. So, add one or two behind-the-scenes photos to raise interest and get users to engage with your content.Enter your text here...